Fear Is Fake, Overcome It!

You live in a bubble where you feel safe and comfortable but isn’t it also a little routine and boring…..snooze! If you want to grow and if you want to see what you are really made of and have some excitement in your life, then you will have to get outside of your comfort zone. Great things happen in the realm just outside your comfort zone.

The first thing I did to get outside my comfort zone is skydive. Extreme right? I know. To be honest I never thought in a million years that I would ever sky dive. I thought I would die because my heart would stop working just before I jumped. I went through a hard break-up and I just wanted to feel something beside sadness and a numb emptiness; annnnnd I was turning 30 and scared my best years were behind me. lol I am serious. So, I decided to go in August just before my 30th birthday and I was able to convince one of my guy friends to participate with me.

Guess what? It was wayyyyy I mean wayyy less scary then I thought it would be and it made me think a lot about fear and where it comes from and why it is there.

Check it out, jumping out of a perfectly good plane! 🤪

On the way up in the plane I started to become very afraid and thought to myself why do I always have to try and be cool and adventurous and do these kinds of things. I was like after this I am not signing up for extreme stuff any more. I was the second one jumping, which I was super grateful for, and I watched my friend go first and go from a full-grown man and turn into a dot within seconds. I was terrified!

I was strapped to an instructor, like you have to be for your first jump, and on three he just goes and you do too (whether you like it or not). One second after I jumped, I felt so alive, like on-top of the world, and immediately thought fear was crazy. I felt like I was flying and gliding through the air and not like I was a coin falling from the top of a major tower. Look at how happy and proud I am below. I want everyone to feel what I felt that day. Freedom and badass! Like the most badass.

Fear is something we make up that is psychological. IT IS NOT REAL. Our perception gives it its magnitude. We become more afraid as we get older because our parents tell us to be careful and safety and security is thought of as something to value.

Babies are born fearless and we slowly put in the rules to change this. Fear is that little voice in your head that tells you to play small, that you’re not good enough, who do you think you are, no one will care, that business idea won’t work etc. You have to challenge fear and do things in spite of it. I suggest starting small with your fears and working your way up to slowly prove to yourself that you have what it takes. And you DO have what it takes! Maybe you have always wanted to sign up for a 5km race but you are not a “runner”, well damnit sign up for that race and crawl to finish if you have to. Its not about being perfect, its about showing up for yourself and facing your fears. I promise good things will happen to you when you step outside your comfort zone. If you feel super afraid to do something, then I believe that is a good sign that you are doing the exact right thing.

Manifest Greatness! xo

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